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God may not take you out of the flames, but he’ll walk in them with you

“Doctor, can this patient please have some laxatives?” It was a simple question that filled me with dread as the drug chart was thrust into my hands. It was my first day as an FY1 on a surgical ward and I was terrified. What do […]


‘God is in everything I do’

As Head of Nursing at the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF), Steve Fouch ensures that nurses and midwives get the support they need to be witnesses for Christ where they work. His department does this in several ways. They set up local meetings to assess nurses’ […]


Serving students for Christ

As Head of Student Ministries at Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF), John Greenall spends his days ministering to students, helping them navigate minefields and make connections that keep them centred in Christ. ’I love working with students. I think there is nothing more exciting than investing […]


‘I feel like CMF is family’

From her desk at the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) in London, Vicky Lavy is writing an email. It is a message of comfort to a doctor in the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa. The doctor oversees a district health centre which was recently […]


How God called me into communications

On a wall in John Martin’s office is a large year planner. It is like a road map, charting the purpose of John and his team, who comprise the communications department at Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF). Each year, John, CMF’s Head of Communications, and his […]