John Greenall

Christians in Healthcare Leadership Network

John is CMF's Associate CEO, and a practising paediatrician
The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of CMF.

The healthcare leadership arena is an increasingly secular one. Leaders can feel isolated in their role or reluctant to step into leadership positions in the first place. Others succumb to the sacred-secular divide, where leaders and managers are involved in church and see their ‘secular’ work as less valuable. And many in the younger generation are looking for examples of godly leaders who remain in the NHS in various roles.

Many CMF members are in leadership roles across the NHS and other health service providers. In addition, we know there are 34,500 managers in the NHS, [1] many of whom are Christians, who work closely with medical and nursing colleagues and for whom there is no formal network of support. At CMF, we have recently developed a support and encouragement group called the ‘Christians in Healthcare Leadership Network‘. [2] It aims to unite and equip Christians in healthcare leadership, facilitate a supportive community, sharpen relationships, and model what it means to be salt and light in challenging circumstances. Furthermore, we seek to support one another to integrate our daily work with a distinctive faith in Jesus, seeking to influence the culture and model servant leadership to the next generation of leaders.

To achieve this, we have developed the following objectives:

  1. Supporting current Christian healthcare leaders and managers through online and in-person events and monthly prayer gatherings in cohorts. These forums include role modelling and discussing issues unique to our situation, receiving support, advice and prayer.
  2. Mentoring and coaching both current and future Christian healthcare leaders, including those who may not traditionally receive such support from other Christian sources and those who seek role models.
  3. Producing biblical, applied resources for those in the field, including journal articles, blogs, podcasts, and briefing papers.
  4. Addressing the sacred-secular divide between work and church, helping people discern their calling in healthcare and encouraging whole-life discipleship in all that we do.

The heart of what we are doing is a monthly prayer gathering. One participant said, ‘These prayer meetings are the highlight of my month. It’s a joy to bring some of the unique challenges to the group, discuss them and to receive prayer in these specific areas.’ This reflects the sentiment of the group, with many finding these to be uniquely supportive times of sharing and praying into the unique pressures of leadership.

For more information. please contact us on or register using this form.

If you are not clinical but would like to join CMF, you can do as an Associate member.

Forthcoming events:

Serving not sinking

A day conference for current and aspiring Christian healthcare leaders and managers

Saturday 17th September 2022 – Bookings now openclick here to book tickets!


Dr John Greenall is CMF’s Associate CEO and a Paediatrician in Bedfordshire.


references accessed 11/2/2022

  1. Key facts and figures about the NHS. The King’s Fund –



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