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Complete societal capture on abortion

The sentencing of a woman for two years imprisonment for performing a home abortion with pills obtained via a phone consultation raises lots of questions. However, the main question asked in an almost universal chorus of headlines was why are our ‘archaic’ and ‘unfair’ abortion […]

Early stage embryo , Stem cell research

When is a ‘synthetic’ embryo a real embryo?

Embryonic stem cell-derived embryos (ESCDEs) have been around for a long time. Last year, an ESCDE, assembled from mouse cells in vitro, replicated natural mouse embryo development in utero up to day 8.5 post-fertilisation. In mouse gestation terms, this amounts to the completion of gastrulation […]


You wouldn’t do it to a dog! Current fetal pain relief in NHS abortions

This blog should perhaps carry one of those BBC-style warnings, ‘some viewers may find the following content distressing’. This is because it deals with something most of us would prefer not to think about – the dispatching of an unwanted, late-second or third-trimester fetus, or […]


When is a baby not a baby?

Last week Panorama ran an ‘investigation’ into pregnancy advice centres which they claimed give misleading information to pregnant women. They found 57 centres listed online, could find no fault with the advice given by 34 of them and sent an undercover journalist in to investigate […]

human baby embyo inside blue incubator breeding tank, ectogenesis concept, neural network generated art. Digitally generated image. Not based on any actual scene or pattern.

Podbabies: Who are they kidding?

Ectogenesis – the gestation of children in artificial wombs – has long been considered by many feminist writers as the ultimate liberation for women from the tyranny of reproduction and the limitations it imposes on women’s autonomy. It has also been said to be necessary […]

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