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Mother Breastfeeding Baby In Nursery

Breastfeeding – a life-saving intervention

It’s World Breastfeeding Week, and guest blogger Adele Cowper shares why this is so important. In 2011, 6.9 million children aged under five died – nearly 800 an hour. The WHO estimates that over 70% of these deaths were preventable or treatable. The greatest burden […]

China vows crackdown on sex-selective abortion to close gender gap

You are unlikely to read this from any British media outlet in the midst of the London riots and falling stockmarkets but China is vowing to strengthen enforcement to prevent sex-selective abortions and close a yawning gender gap. China already has tens of millions more […]

Surrogacy raises complex ethical issues

A recent BBC News report, ‘Womb for rent: A tale of two mothers’, highlights the fact that the high cost of surrogacy in Europe and the US means that many Western women are outsourcing pregnancy abroad. The BBC World Service follows two women, Carolina and […]

One baby adoption in the UK for every 2,235 abortions – seven times worse than the US

Bill Reichart is a pastor and area director with CMDA, CMF’s US sister organization. He writes a blog called Provocative Church which today carries a brief article on adoption and abortion figures. He writes: ‘Planned Parenthood (ie. the equivalent of BPAS and MSI in the […]

Leading neonatologist challenges resuscitation policies for premature babies

An article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, ‘Premature baby survives after doctors advised abortion’, tells the story of Jacob McMahon, who became Britain’s most premature surviving twin after he was born on February 22, just 23 weeks into pregnancy, at a weight of 1lb 4oz. Doctors […]