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BMA’s 180 degree turn to embrace what it once called ‘the greatest crime’

On 25 June in a blog titled ‘BMA still not listening to public or science on late abortion’ I reported on the vote at the British Medical Association annual representative meeting against a motion which sought to provide legal protection for babies at the threshold […]

A life precious to God – how to cope when you find your unborn baby has special needs

There is a deeply heart-warming story in the Daily Mail today (July 18 2011) titled, ‘Doctors told us to abort our little girl as she wouldn’t survive birth – but our little fighter has flourished’ When an ultrasound scan showed ‘a massive tumour covering the […]

BMA rejects move to lower upper abortion limit to 20 weeks for normal babies as six US States bring in laws to support it

In view of the BMA debate today on lowering the upper abortion limit for able-bodied (as opposed to disabled) babies from 24 to 20 weeks (lost by 2 to 1 majority btw) I was interested to see this article yesterday in the New York Times, […]

Abortion statistics raise profound questions about our priorities and attitudes as a society

The Department of Health published the 2010 abortion figures for England and Wales yesterday. There were 189,574 terminations in England and Wales during 2010. This was 0.3 per cent more than the previous year but 8 per cent more than the 175,542 recorded in 2000. In […]


How could anyone object to teaching schoolgirls to say ‘no to sex’?

MPs have voted 67-61 in favour of a bill introduced by Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, which wants schools to ensure that sex education for girls includes ‘information and advice on the benefits of abstinence from sexual activity’. The ten minute rule bill proceeds to a […]