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The 4/14 Window – probably the world’s most strategic mission field

Most mission-minded Christians have heard of the 10/40 window (left) – the geographical region between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator – where most people unreached by the Gospel live. But far fewer it seems have heard of the 4/14 window – the […]


Joy, sorrow and satisfaction – medical mission in Ecuador

My own personal journey to becoming a medical missionary began when I finished secondary school and went on a short-term mission team to Ecuador. While we ran a Bible club for slum children a five-year-old boy, Juan, came to our attention. He had a gangrenous […]


What the UK needs to learn from the worldwide Church

Last week there was a meeting between David Cameron and leaders of major UK NGOs on the process to find the new set of development goals post 2015.  Many issues were on the agenda, and it is a meeting which will have influence on the process, […]


‘Life is but a breath’ – medical mission in Ecuador

As physicians in the UK we see tragedies and heartbreak; the stillborn baby, the young father who dies of cancer, a child who is run over. Working as a physician in Ecuador I have witnessed many, many more tragedies; young mothers with terrible, neglected, fungating […]


Pigs and plasters

I always enjoy week two of the Developing Health Course. By now we have got to know one another, shared some laughs and got used to the strange coffee. We are all ages and stages, from a fourth year medical student from Leeds, to a […]