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Ten years of assisted suicide at Dignitas – another excuse for an international news story

Now that the Tony Nicklinson case is over and the next assisted suicide bills (from Falconer in the House of Lords and Macdonald in Scotland) are not to be debated until next year one could be forgiven for thinking that the relentless media pressure for […]


Trickle of British suicide cases to Dignitas continues as Swiss vote for status quo

Switzerland’s parliament voted against a bid to toughen controls on assisted suicide this week, rejecting concerns about foreigners travelling to the country to die. Members of the lower house of parliament voted against changing the code, arguing self-regulation by right-to-die organizations such as Exit and […]

Significance of Dignitas assisted suicide deaths greatly overhyped

An article in the Daily Telegraph this morning attempts to make news of the fact that figures from Dignitas, the Swiss assisted suicide organisation, show a slight rise in the number of Britons registered. 893 members from this country had registered with the controversial facility […]


What Falconer does not say about assisted suicide is even more worrying than what he does say

On New Year’s day, Lord Falconer (pictured) wrote an opinion piece for the Daily Telegraph with the specious title ‘A duty of care to our last days on Earth’. It was subtitled ‘Do Britain’s laws on assisted dying work, and if not, what should replace […]

More irresponsible suicide reporting by the media – there is a better way of dealing with this issue

The former chief inspector of schools, Chris Woodhead, has told how he has considered ending his life at Dignitas, the Swiss suicide facility, after being confined to a wheelchair by motor neurone disease. The hugely controversial head of Ofsted in the 90s claims to have […]

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