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More brief euthanasia updates from around the world – some good, some bad

I have recently posted two blogs giving a round up of international euthanasia news, both of which have attracted a lot of interest and have been copied onto several other websites. Both are still steadily attracting new visitors and I get the impression that there […]

Twenty facts we did not learn from Terry Pratchett’s BBC ‘documentary’ on assisted suicide in Europe

The Sunday Times, in line with its new editorial policy, ran a typically effusive article last weekend about Monday night’s ‘documentary’ in which we saw a British man, Peter Smedley, kill himself on screen by drinking poison at the Dignitas suicide facility near Zurich. Earlier this year […]

BBC to show Dignitas death – further bias and will fuel more suicides

The BBC’s decision to screen a man’s dying moments at the Dignitas suicide facility in a documentary fronted by Terry Pratchett has already come under heavy criticism. A five-minute sequence in the BBC2 programme, due to be shown on 13 June, shows celebrity author Pratchett […]

Emmerdale distorts facts about assisted suicide in apparent attempt to boost ratings

The problem with television dramas is that they make rare events appear common and so distort public opinion on key issues. Take for example the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest. A 1996 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (‘Cardiopulmonary resuscitation on […]

‘Suicide tourism’ gets public backing in Switzerland – but what for British laws?

Voters in Zurich, Switzerland, have rejected proposed bans on assisted suicide and ‘suicide tourism’. A proposal to restrict access for foreigners to assisted suicide only to those living at least one year in the canton was rejected by 78.4 per cent of voters. A second […]

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