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Doctors should not be forced to provide emergency contraception

The Independent has run the story of a ‘Christian-run NHS GP surgery’ which has apparently ‘attracted criticism for posting a notice warning that some of its doctors refuse to prescribe the morning-after pill to patients on grounds of conscience’. The message on the door of The Links Medical Practice […]


Another unworkable proposal from NHS ‘experts’ on morning-after pill

An influential group of NHS experts is urging the Scottish Government to allow the morning-after pill to be handed out in schools (See reports by BBC, Scotsman and Scottish Herald) But the push has faced criticism from the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland for being […]


Doctors who won’t prescribe contraception to unmarried women or provide sex-change operations risk being struck off, says GMC

Doctors who refuse to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women or refuse to provide sex-change operations risk being struck off the medical register according to new draft guidance issued by their regulatory body. The new draft guidance from the General Medical Council, ‘Personal beliefs and medical […]

Make bias history – a call to support moves for independent abortion counselling

Many people assume that women considering abortion have access to independent information and advice. In fact there is no legal guarantee that they do.  Where counselling is available, it is often given by the very same private providers that carry out abortions and gain financially from […]

Christian pharmacists under threat from new guidelines on morning-after pill provision

Christian pharmacists who object to dispensing the morning-after pill are facing pressure from their professional regulator to recommend other outlets to customers. Many pharmacists – not just Christians – have moral objections to the morning-after pill because the drug may in some cases act after […]