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Christian pharmacists under threat from new guidelines on morning-after pill provision

Christian pharmacists who object to dispensing the morning-after pill are facing pressure from their professional regulator to recommend other outlets to customers. Many pharmacists – not just Christians – have moral objections to the morning-after pill because the drug may in some cases act after […]

Is seven billion people too many? More nonsense from the population control lobby

SPUC Director John Smeaton has drawn my attention to an article I missed in last weekend’s Observer titled ‘Beckhams a “bad example” for families’. Now you might wonder why the Beckhams are a bad example. Is it for calling their daughter ‘Harper Seven’? Or their […]

Abortion statistics raise profound questions about our priorities and attitudes as a society

The Department of Health published the 2010 abortion figures for England and Wales yesterday. There were 189,574 terminations in England and Wales during 2010. This was 0.3 per cent more than the previous year but 8 per cent more than the 175,542 recorded in 2000. In […]

Bringing life to the government’s sexual health debate

The charity Life has been included on a new government sexual health forum – amidst an outcry of protest. It’s a predictable reaction – but sadly misguided. Life supports vulnerable pregnant women, focussing on crisis pregnancy counselling, education, practical provision (like free baby clothes), and […]

HIV & AIDS treatment as the new prevention Tool: new findings should be treated with caution

News broke in the morning of Friday 13th May 2011 of the results of a ten year study by the United States National Institutes for Health (NIH) into the impact of early antiretroviral treatment (ART) for people living with HIV infection on reducing their risk of […]