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The NHS, culture change, and Christ

Jeremy Hunt does not have an enviable job. Not only is he charged with putting into practice the radical NHS reforms that his predecessor steered tempestuously through Parliament (with scant support from the health professions), but now he has to respond to the fourth report […]


Britain’s growing elderly population – a massive challenge

The UK is ‘woefully under-prepared for the social and economic challenges presented by an ageing society, a House of Lords committee has warned this week. The committee predicts ‘a series of crises’ in public service provision and says that big changes in pensions, health care […]


Francis Report shines revealing light on the NHS

When some ill-advised bloggers in the US attacked the British National Health Service in the summer of 2009, little could they have realised the fire-storm they would unleash as angry Brits fought back with the #WeLovetheNHS hash tag campaign. Some commentators have suggested that the […]


Nurses to be trained to give compassionate care

Falling care standards have prompted a rallying call from the new Chief Nursing Officer. In an increasingly heated debate, she’s calling for nursing to recover its core values – particularly care, compassion, courage, commitment and communication. Today Jane Cumming takes things a step further – […]


The Liverpool Care Pathway – consensus statement from 22 organisations

Twenty two leading healthcare organisations last month published a statement about the Liverpool Care Pathway to counter adverse publicity in the mainstream press. I have written extensively on this controversial end of life treatment protocol before and won’t rerun the arguments here except to say […]