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Plan to sell morning-after pill to teenagers online this Christmas will lead to more sexually transmitted disease

A British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) campaign, launched today, encourages women to stockpile emergency contraceptive pills over the Christmas period. According to the Daily Telegrapha poster for the scheme, featuring the word ‘sex’ in fairy lights, asks: ‘Getting “turned on” this Christmas?’ And a dedicated website […]

The health risks of obesity – a challenge to Christians

Having just returned from a Christian medical conference where large (especially male) abdomens were very much in evidence I was interested to see that the two lead stories on the BBC health pages this morning deal with the health consequences of obesity. The first story, […]


David Nutt’s report on the harmful effects of alcohol should prompt the government to adopt evidence-based protection strategies

Alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack, according to a study published in medical journal the Lancet. The report, which is co-authored by former UK chief drugs adviser Professor David Nutt, ranks 20 drugs on 16 measures of harm to users and to wider […]


Are British Christians too fat? Almost certainly! But what should we be doing about it?

New research this week has shown that two-thirds of Britons are overweight or obese – making us the fattest country in Europe. We are also the fourth fattest nation in the world behind only Australia (71.1 per cent), the US (69.9 per cent) and the […]


Current sexual health strategies are based on three false presuppositions

Can we imagine training young people how to drive without also instructing them in the laws of the road? Or teaching trainee surgeons how to remove an appendix without also training them in the proper indications for the procedure? And yet when it comes to […]

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