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Thirst for life – raising alcohol prices to save lives

A study released today by the Center for Addictions Research of British Colombia has found that a 10% increase in minimum per unit pricing of alcohol has led to a 32% drop in alcohol related mortality in two Canadian Provinces.  Furthermore, the increase in price […]


Flesh and Blood – giving more than money

A campaign to mobilise churches to increase the number of blood and organ donors in the UK has been launched this week. The aim is to build on the Christian culture of giving and make blood and organ donation part of this. In other words, […]


Patients, families and organ donation: who should decide?

If you live in Wales, or plan to live – or study – there for longer than six months, by 2015 you are likely to find yourself automatically registered as an organ donor, whether you are fully aware of it or not. You will have […]


‘Alcohol is blighting our communities’ says church poll

A YouGov poll published today on behalf of three major British Christian denominations has revealed that 61% of British adults believe that excessive drinking is a problem in their local area. The Baptists, Methodists and United Reformed Churches have expressed concerns about the increasing availability […]


Plan to sell morning-after pill to teenagers online this Christmas will lead to more sexually transmitted disease

A British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) campaign, launched today, encourages women to stockpile emergency contraceptive pills over the Christmas period. According to the Daily Telegrapha poster for the scheme, featuring the word ‘sex’ in fairy lights, asks: ‘Getting “turned on” this Christmas?’ And a dedicated website […]