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‘In praise of stem cell simplicity’ – brilliant New Scientist editorial

The New Scientist editorial this week, ‘In praise of stem-cell simplicity’, gives a fantastic overview of exciting new avenues in ethical stem cell research which are opening up. It should be required reading for all UK science journalists who sadly use press releases from the […]


Stem cell patent ruling is a triumph of ethics over commercial expedience

British scientists are kicking up an enormous stink about yesterday’s court ruling that scientists can’t patent stem cells if they are obtained by destroying human embryos. Europe’s highest human rights court, the EU Court of Justice, said the use of human embryos ‘for therapeutic or […]

More hype about embryonic stem cells from the BBC

The BBC today is running a new stem cell story with the grandiose title ‘UK medics lead Europe’s first embryonic stem cell trial’ as follows: Doctors at Moorfields Eye hospital in London have been given the go-ahead to carry out Europe’s first clinical trial using […]

New pre-natal screening test makes eliminating all people with genetic disease an achievable reality

‘Fetal DNA tests: Are we finally entering an era of eugenics?’ This was the question raised by Nancy Fliesler on the Vector blog last January. As an Ashkenazi Jew planning to have a baby, Fliesler sought prenatal screening for Tay-Sachs disease, an incurable and lethal […]


Japanese stem cell sperm study opens Pandora’s box of unethical possibilities

Fertility experts are hailing a mouse study in which working sperm cells were created from stem cells as ‘hugely exciting’. A Kyoto University team were able to turn stem cells into early sperm cells called primordial germ cells (PGCs). When these were transplanted into infertile […]