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Head of Communications
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Steve Fouch is CMF Head of Communications. He has worked in community nursing, HIV & AIDS and palliative care. He serves on the International Board of Nurses Christian Fellowship International.
Steve Fouch

Recent blog posts written by Steve Fouch

ICMDA HIV Initiative 2010 Dignity and Right to Health Awards

The joint winners of the 2010 Dignity and Right to Health award are Dr Gisela Schneider from Germany and Dr Joseph, Kwong Jeung Yu from Taiwan. Dr Gisela Schneider has worked for many years in West Africa, East Africa and now more recently in Europe. […]


Climate Change, Population and Health

At the time of writing, the Copenhagen Climate Change Talks are about to happen, and much comment in the media suggests that the chances of a meaningful agreement on curbing emissions rests on whether the West can persuade India, China, Brazil and much of the […]