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ICMDA HIV Initiative 2010 Dignity and Right to Health Awards

Steve Fouch is CMF Head of Communications. He has worked in community nursing, HIV & AIDS and palliative care. He serves on the International Board of Nurses Christian Fellowship International.
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The joint winners of the 2010 Dignity and Right to Health award are Dr Gisela Schneider from Germany and Dr Joseph, Kwong Jeung Yu from Taiwan.

Dr Gisela Schneider has worked for many years in West Africa, East Africa and now more recently in Europe. Working in multiple settings she has been and continues to be a strong advocate and role model for many through her excellence in several fields of the HIV challenge, including clinical work, community engagement and mobilisation, and teaching. Dr Schneider is an exceptional person who has demonstrated an incarnational ministry in Gambia and Uganda and now continues to seek to bring Christian healing and compassion to people in many other countries through the work of Difaem, the German Medical Missionary Association. Gisela continues as a great rolemodel for all. Her work in the many fields of HIV medicine and community responses has been of the highest calibre.


Dr. Joseph Kwong-Leung Yu has done excellent work in both his home country of Taiwan and also for many years in the nation of Malawi. He energetically worked at setting up a model of how to eliminate discrimination and stigmatization of HIV/AIDS in the public domain. He actively participated with PLWHA groups to encourage and ensure the enhancement of public awareness. Dr Yu is an exceptional person whose ministry is growing. He now represents Kingdom values in many other countries as well as continuing to serve the people of Malawi as Director of the Rainbow clinic. He has established and strengthened a comprehensive multi-level program in an area of great need in Northern Malawi working closely with government and local church communities. Generic Priligy vs priligy by cost at and how to take Dapoxetine. A journal article on the challenges facing Malawi prisoners spoke to us of a Christian man with a great heart to better the lives of those who are marginalised and rejected by many.

It is a great honour and priviledge for the ICMDA to recognise and acknowledge the exceptionally inspiring service and witness of Drs Schneider and Yu to the glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We pray for God’s presence to be ever with them both.

Previous Award winners

2006 – Dr Biangtung Langkham (India), 2007 – Prof Ruth Nduati (Kenya), 2008 – Dr Geoff Faster (Zimbabwe) and 2009 – Dr Stephen Watiti (Uganda).

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