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CMF Blogs occasionally include posts by guest authors on a variety of topics.

Recent blog posts written by Guest

Tweeting the whole person – social networking for doctors

Pictured lying on resuscitation trolleys, ward floors and a helipad, seven A&E staff were suspended in 2009 from the Great Western Hospital in Swindon. It was alleged they were playing the ‘lying down game’ during a nightshift. How did they get caught? By posting photos […]

Landmark High Court ruling maintains legal protection for vulnerable people

The Christian Medical Fellowship has welcomed a landmark ruling by a High Court Judge that a brain-damaged woman should not have her life ended. Known as ‘M’ the 52 year old is in what is known as a ‘Minimally Conscious State’, meaning that she does have […]

George Monbiot and the Guardian conspiracy theory

Guardian columnist George Monbiot contacted us at CMF last Monday to ask about our finances. The Guardian has recently linked CMF and other organisations to financial backers with mega-bucks and right-wing politics in the southern states of America. A chart across a double page spread […]

A movement has an emotional heart

Is the NHS a philosophy, a movement or just an organisation? It has a philosophy – healthcare based on need rather than ability to pay, and certainly it has organisations, but does it have an emotional heart, the characteristic of a movement according to Seth […]


Reclaiming dignity in dying

BBC scriptwriters, viewers and listeners fought back over the weekend to recapture the word ‘dignity’ from the assisted suicide lobby. ‘Dignity in death is so important’ TV paramedic Kathleen “Dixie” Dixon told Saturday night’s peak time viewers on the TV drama Casualty. In this week’s storyline, […]