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Bex is a paediatric nurse, author, and CMF's Associate Head of Nurses & Midwives.
Bex Lawton

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Female doctor examining newborn baby in incubator. Night shift

The ‘Letby effect’ on this paediatric nurse

Firstly, let me say that I cannot even begin to imagine the grief the families involved in this case must have gone through these last eight years and are still going through. The atrocities committed by Lucy Letby are chilling and deeply distressing. Honestly, it […]

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Our workforce is on its knees: it’s time for us to be as well

A response to the RCN and RCM strike ballots Propping the staff room door open with her foot, Maria leans out into the corridor and shouts, ‘Bex! You coming for lunch soon?’. When I finally pull myself away it’s gone 4 pm. ‘I did make […]

Close-up medical syringe with a vaccine.

We take delight in honouring each other: A response to the vaccine mandate

Yesterday we learned that the Secretary of State for Health has agreed to reverse the UK government’s policy on Covid vaccine mandates after a brief consultation on the issue. At the time of writing, by 1 April 2022, all NHS staff in England would have […]

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