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New suicide strategy is welcome but needs to address more effectively the phenomenon of media-induced suicide contagion

The Government has promised to pump £1.5 million into research exploring how to prevent suicides among those most at risk of taking their own lives. The pledge comes as ministers unveiled a new suicide prevention strategy (more detail including full report here) launched to coincide […]


BMJ publishes Secular Medical Forum ‘advertorial’

On 30 November the British Medical Journal published an article by Colin Brewer, ‘a director of the Secular Medical Forum’ , titled ‘Secularism needs a distinctive medical voice’. The 900 word one page article, which appeared in the BMJ’s ‘personal view’ column, and claimed to […]

Time to change the channel - a submission to the government's suicide prevention consultation

Time to change the channel – a submission to the government’s suicide prevention consultation

The Department of Health’s Consultation on its draft suicide prevention strategy for England closed yesterday (11 October). Over the past 10 years, there has been progress in reducing the already relatively low suicide rate in England. However, there were still nearly 4,400 suicides in England in […]

Another poll from the Voluntary Euthanasia Society (aka DID) to grab headlines

The Voluntary Euthanasia Society, which renamed itself ‘Dignity in Dying’ in 2006 to disguise its real agenda, has commissioned yet another poll to bolster support for its tired ongoing campaign to legalise assisted suicide. Having failed on three occasions in the last few years to […]

Papageno and Werther effects – public policy lessons for the prevention of suicide

I recently blogged about the new German film ‘Goethe’, a study of the early life of the celebrated German poet of the same name. It retells the quasi-autobiographical love story ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’ which made Goethe famous. Werther commits suicide after his lover […]

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