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Assisted suicide guidelines

Outrage over failure to prosecute doctors for sex selection abortions reaches new heights

It has not been an easy two weeks for Keir Starmer (pictured), the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). When it emerged on 4 September that the Crown Prosecution Service, which he heads, would not be bringing charges against two doctors who had been caught authorising […]


Ethicists back sex selection for social reasons

Today sees the publication of another deliberately controversial and radical proposal, designed to provoke debate but also to soften public opinion towards removing yet another barrier to reproduction without limits or interference. ‘Leading’ medical ethicists, we are told, are proposing that all legal barriers to […]


Abortions for sex selection: just the tip of the iceberg

The Daily Telegraph has tonight named a third facility where staff were secretly filmed authorizing abortions on grounds of sex selection. The Calthorpe Clinic in Birmingham (pictured), one of Britain’s oldest abortion facilities, is now facing a police investigation after staff were caught falsifying paperwork […]


Undercover investigation shows illegal sex-selection abortions

The Daily Telegraph has tonight published the results of an undercover investigation showing that women are being granted illegal abortions by doctors based on the sex of their unborn baby. Doctors at British clinics were secretly filmed agreeing to terminate babies purely because they were […]

China vows crackdown on sex-selective abortion to close gender gap

You are unlikely to read this from any British media outlet in the midst of the London riots and falling stockmarkets but China is vowing to strengthen enforcement to prevent sex-selective abortions and close a yawning gender gap. China already has tens of millions more […]

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