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Government ministers and MPs wade in on Liverpool Care Pathway

The controversial Liverpool care pathway (LCP), a framework used to manage patients who are imminently dying, has not unexpectedly now come to the attention of government ministers and MPs. Earlier this year, the Daily Mail newspaper claimed in a headline that the NHS was killing […]


Specialists in Palliative Medicine need to act swiftly to respond to these five key concerns about the LCP

Yesterday I mentioned that the Association for Palliative Medicine (APM) had announced plans to launch an investigation into the controversial Liverpool Care pathway. Today both the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail have run the story. In addition a Daily Mail editorial today welcomes the […]


Palliative Medicine specialists to investigate Liverpool Care Pathway

The Association for Palliative Medicine, representing over 1,000 doctors working in hospices and specialist palliative care units throughout the UK, is going to carry out new research into the use of the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP). The LCP was developed to assist in the […]


The Liverpool Care Pathway – consensus statement from 22 organisations

Twenty two leading healthcare organisations last month published a statement about the Liverpool Care Pathway to counter adverse publicity in the mainstream press. I have written extensively on this controversial end of life treatment protocol before and won’t rerun the arguments here except to say […]


Is the NHS really killing 130,000 patients a year with the Liverpool Care Pathway?

The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph this week have run a story claiming that the NHS ‘kills off a 130,000 elderly patients every year’ through use of a ‘death pathway’. The story has been picked up relatively uncritically by many news outlets around the world, […]