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Dilnot lays some tentative foundations

Monday saw the publication of the Dilnot Report – the latest in a long line of reports and studies commissioned by government into how we, as a society, are going to care for our growing, and increasingly long lived elderly population. This is more than […]


New ‘withdrawal of treatment’ case poses major threat to disabled people

BBC Radio 4’s File on Four programme earlier this week, ‘A Living Death’, featured four case histories of people with serious brain damage. They included Ian Wilson, an Aberdeen man in his 50s, who suffered a severe head injury in a road accident 21 years ago and […]

New BBC Radio Four programme – Are we in for more bludgeoning of disabled people?

I’ve just been alerted to the fact that BBC Radio 4 is running another forty-minute ‘documentary’ on an end-of-life theme next Tuesday 21 June at 2000. ‘A Living Death’, is a review into the care of patients in vegetative or low awareness states’, which has […]

The Problem with Care – more questions raised by BBC Panorama

Another week, and another story about poor care standards – this time an exposé on the BBC’s Panorama of appalling patient abuse by nursing and care staff in Winterbourne View, a specialist private hospital for adults with learning disabilities. And rightly, bodies including the Nursing & Midwifery Council, Royal […]

‘Suicide tourism’ gets public backing in Switzerland – but what for British laws?

Voters in Zurich, Switzerland, have rejected proposed bans on assisted suicide and ‘suicide tourism’. A proposal to restrict access for foreigners to assisted suicide only to those living at least one year in the canton was rejected by 78.4 per cent of voters. A second […]