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Behind the headlines: information and misinformation in pregnancy counselling

  The pro-abortion organisation, Education For Choice (EFC) which is a project within the sexual health charity, Brook, who themselves work closely with the Family Planning Association to promote abortion, has produced a new report based on its own mystery shopping of some independent pregnancy […]


Abortion counselling gets BMA backing

This week has seen some important voting on abortion and assisted dying when the British Medical Association held its Annual Representative Meeting in Bournemouth. The ARM provides the primary opportunity for BMA policy and professional practice to be debated and voted on by its members. […]


Ministers reconsider independent abortion counselling

When an amendment aimed at giving women with unplanned pregnancies access to independent counselling was lost by 118 votes to 368 last year, things looked grim. But, as reported in the Daily Telegraph today, the Government is now pressing ahead with changes which could see […]

Germany has independent abortion counselling and an abortion rate less than half of Britain’s

It was refreshing to see Liam Fox, Defence Secretary, saying last night that he would support any measure that lowered the British abortion rate. He and others like him would be well advised to look at the German system. Germany has an abortion rate of […]

Commercials of convenience – plans to advertise abortion on TV and radio contested

HG Wells once said that ‘advertising is legalised lying’. He would not have been thinking of TV adverts that promote the abortion industry when he said that, but I believe the same sentiment applies. Adverts on TV and radio that promote abortion sell it as […]