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Human rights of the elderly once again being neglected

Today saw the publication of yet another in a series of damning reports on the failures of our care system. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has reported interim findings in a major survey of how care is being delivered to vulnerable people, and has […]

General Medical Council confirms the appropriateness of sensitive faith discussions with patients

Last Thursday I took part in a discussion on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme about whether or not faith discussions were ever appropriate in the context of a doctor-patient consultation. The journalist introducing the programme made reference to the case of Richard Scott, the subject of […]

At a Given Moment – recognising worldview as part of a healthy diagnosis

CMF member Dr Graham McAll has worked as a general surgeon and inner city GP. In a timely new book, At A Given Moment, he uses personal anecdotes and reflections from around the world to show the value of understanding the patient’s worldview and spiritual […]

The collapse of Southern Cross – is capitalism crushing care and compassion?

As the country’s biggest independent provider of care homes for the elderly sinks deeper into a financial collapse, the 31,000 residents of its homes, their families and carers face a hugely uncertain future.  Southern Cross plans to sell off or hand back to landlord control […]

The Problem with Care – more questions raised by BBC Panorama

Another week, and another story about poor care standards – this time an exposé on the BBC’s Panorama of appalling patient abuse by nursing and care staff in Winterbourne View, a specialist private hospital for adults with learning disabilities. And rightly, bodies including the Nursing & Midwifery Council, Royal […]