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How safe is the school cancer vaccination for young girls?

  New reports (including on the front page of the Independent) are adding to the evolving story of inadequate research on a vaccine that almost every teenage girl in the UK will have been given since 2008. News that (apparently) thousands of young girls have […]

cardial heart beating

It’s common sense, but the best studies usually are

A new five year study shows for the first time that changes in diet, exercise, stress management and social support results can significantly slow ageing. Researchers followed 35 men with early-stage prostate cancer for a five year period and found that certain changes to lifestyle […]


HPV vaccine – mothers influence daughters choices but deep questions remain

A mother’s attitude towards cervical cancer screening influences decisions to vaccinate daughters against the cancer claims this – not entirely surprising – headline in a BBC news report on Monday, which is based on new research in the European Journal of Cancer. The research found […]


The global burden of disease – let’s not forget the spiritual dimension

Yesterday saw the publication of a landmark, multicentre collaborative study on the global burden of disease. It suggests that while average life expectancies around the world have gone up – they have gone up more in the West than in the developing world, and worldwide they […]


Global annual cost of tackling non-communicable diseases only 1% of UK Bank Bailout

The BBC has reported on the World Health Organization’s plan to tackle non-communicable diseases like heart disease, which it says now pose a greater global burden than infectious diseases.  The plan was published just after the conclusion of the UN General Assembly High Level Meeting […]