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What economics can tell us about teen pregnancy rates

In the past forty years over £250 million has been spent by policy makers on numerous initiatives aimed at cutting teenage pregnancy rates in the UK, yet with almost negligible effect. Some would no doubt argue that this money is well spent, in preventing the […]


Families of children with significant disabilities indicate that their lives are enriched

Alex Schadenberg has this last week reported on a new study on children with trisomy 13 and 18 (Patau’s and Edwards’ syndrome respectively) which is well worth reading. I have reproduced it here. I have myself previously blogged about trisomy conditions including a wonderful testimony. […]


A new IVF milestone

Thirty-four years after the first test tube baby, Louise Brown, was born in 1978 it is estimated that around five million babies have now been born, worldwide, using IVF. The five million figure is based on official figures up to 2008, plus three years of […]


BMA Ethics Debate – great results on both abortion and euthanasia

This morning the British Medical Association Annual Representative Meeting debated two motions on abortion and one on euthanasia. Motion 328 called for the meeting to support the universal availability of non-directive counselling for women considering abortion. It said that the counselling should be in accordance […]


Is the NHS really killing 130,000 patients a year with the Liverpool Care Pathway?

The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph this week have run a story claiming that the NHS ‘kills off a 130,000 elderly patients every year’ through use of a ‘death pathway’. The story has been picked up relatively uncritically by many news outlets around the world, […]

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