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Dr Rick Thomas is a Public Policy Researcher at CMF.
Dr Rick Thomas

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The wisdom of repugnance

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has just published its findings in answer to the question ‘what do we mean when we talk about nature, natural/ unnatural and ‘naturalness’? They set out five broad understandings of naturalness: 1. Neutral or sceptic – the view that there […]

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New screening test for Down’s creates more problems than it solves

The UK National Screening Committee (NSC) is recommending a new test for pregnant women that will detect a higher proportion of fetuses with Down Syndrome. The test is non-invasive and makes use of cell free DNA from the fetus (cfDNA) circulating in the mother’s blood. […]


Suicide – oh no, assisted suicide – oh yes!

On 19 January, Nick Clegg called for a ‘zero suicides’ target among people suffering from mental illnesses.  Almost 4,700 people committed suicide in UK in 2013, at least 90% of whom were thought to be struggling with mental health issues, particularly depressive or substance abuse […]


A Chilling Prospect

‘Smart Women Freeze.’ So states the advert for an ‘egg freezing event’ in New York last week, run by EggBanxx . Over champagne, women anxious to beat their biological clocks by preserving their younger, healthier eggs until such a time when they are ready to […]


Survey into your experience of being a Christian in your workplace – please contribute!

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is conducting a major research exercise into how well freedom of religion and belief is protected in the UK. The Government is reviewing current legislation and wants to hear about your experiences, both positive and negative. It has […]