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Still time for some late summer reading:  two books for holiday packing

Philippa Taylor was Head of Public Policy at CMF until September 2019 and now works with CARE. She has an MA in Bioethics from St Mary’s University College and a background in policy work on bioethics and family issues.
The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of CMF.

A book on the impact of new ideologies on European culture and another on their impact on Africa and international development should be relevant for quite a few holiday destinations.


Two books that I have recently read have been hugely informative – and challenging.  I would love many others to read them too, so I have reviewed both briefly in this blog. The first book is a longer and more in-depth read, while the second is lighter and easier to read but no less challenging in its subject matter.


The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the name of freedom by Gabriele Kuby (Lifesite / Angelico Press, 2015, pp283, ISBN: 978-1621381549 )

The increasingly pervasive influence on Western society today from gender ideology, LGBT demands and now the transgender movement, is generating unprecedented threats to our freedom. Add to this the effects of pornography, much of current sex-education, combined with attacks on freedom of speech and religion, plus the advent of identity politics, and we have the central part of the culture wars we are facing today.

Kuby contends that the core of the global cultural revolution is the deliberate confusion of, and assault upon, sexual norms. In this excellent book, she sets out the background to all this and makes the case for why all those concerned about the deliberate sexualisation of our children, and about protecting conscience rights, free speech and liberty, must stand up to protect our freedoms in these areas.

It is not a light read and not an easy topic, but Kuby’s book is one of the most informative and eye-opening I have read on this issue. It is also thoroughly referenced throughout.

She ends on a more hopeful note, but not without challenges for the reader.


Target Africa: Ideological Neocolonialism in the twenty-first century by Obianuju Ekeocha & Dr Robert P George (Ignatius Press 2018, pp219, ISBN: 978-1621642152 )

Nigerian human rights activist, Obianuju Ekeocha, demonstrates in detail how Western Governments (which most certainly includes our own), billionaires and NGOs are systematically imposing a secular ‘morality’ on Africa that is completely alien to its culture of life and family values. She calls this a new ‘ideological colonialism’ of Africa by a cultural elite in the West.

Ekeocha sets out in detail how this new ‘colonialism’ is built on aid. While some donors have good intentions others deliberately seek to impose an ideology of sexual ‘liberation’, abortion rights, population control, radical feminism and anti-family policies, by tying aid to these ideologies. These are beliefs and practices which are antithetical to the inherent morals and beliefs of most Africans.

As well as the conditionality of various forms of aid, the book looks at how international legal situations are also being used to coerce countries into compliance.

Ekeocha provides plenty of references throughout. However, if more were needed on the export of Western values to Africa via ‘aid’, in April this year the UK Government pledged £42 million to the world’s two largest abortion providers, Marie Stopes International (MSI) and The International Planned Parenthood Federation to carry out abortions in developing countries. This is on top of the £163 million the UK already gave to MSI over the last five years.

This book is a relatively easy – albeit disturbing – read. Ekeocha has a driving passion to expose the new colonialism and her heart for her fellow Africans, perhaps most of all for unborn African children, shines through. For us Westerners, who believe our aid money is all being put to good use in Africa, this is a must-read.

Summer is not over yet – so still time to read these two books!



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