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The police and GMC should be investigating the London psychiatrist that Michael Irwin is protecting

The papers are full today of a report (initially carried by the Daily Mirror) about the first British man with dementia to have an assisted suicide at the Dignitas facility in Zurich, Switzerland. The BBC is now running the story which will give it even […]


Abortion and mental health: the ‘debate’ continues for psychiatrists (or does it?)

Anyone interested in understanding more about the effects of abortion on the mental health of women, and any psychiatrists reading this, will find a new online article by consultant psychiatrist, Dr Previn Thevathasan, of interest. As well as briefly reviewing a few of the main […]

Abortion and mental health – strongest evidence yet of a link

With uncanny timing, in the light of a Parliamentary debate next week on pre-abortion counselling, the prestigious British Journal of Psychiatry has today published the findings of one of the largest studies of its kind on abortion, showing that almost 10% of all mental health […]