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The legalisation of assisted suicide – what’s money got to do with it?

  Today, according to the Sunday Times, Lord Falconer (pictured) will publish his new bill on assisted suicide (details here). In line with the recommendations of his sham ‘Commission on Assisted Dying’ he will push for doctors being given the power to help mentally competent […]

Pressure grows on David Cameron to support ‘Robin Hood Tax’ ahead of G20 summit

Last week I was one of 70 organisational leaders who signed a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to support a new international tax at the G20 summit. The letter, pasted below, was delivered last Monday. On 3-4 November the G20 convenes in […]


Population control lobby seeks to impose its agenda rather than addressing the real causes of poverty

  The world’s population is due to pass seven billion on 31 October and campaigners for population control are again using it as an opportunity to promote their agenda. Back in February 2009 Jonathon Porritt (pictured), former chairman of the UK Government’s Sustainable Development Commission, […]