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The demographic time bomb is most marked in Japan

The demographic time bomb – whereby the elderly population assumes a greater and greater proportion of the total population – is no more marked than in Japan. Falling birth rates (as a result of abortion, contraception and delaying childbirth) and increasing longevity as a result […]

Seven billion – BBC brings some welcome balance to the population debate

  According to the BBC, when I was born, I was the 2,909,761,661st person alive on Earth and the 76,445,556,695th person to have lived since history began. You can calculate your own number on line and if you put in today’s date you will learn […]


Population control lobby seeks to impose its agenda rather than addressing the real causes of poverty

  The world’s population is due to pass seven billion on 31 October and campaigners for population control are again using it as an opportunity to promote their agenda. Back in February 2009 Jonathon Porritt (pictured), former chairman of the UK Government’s Sustainable Development Commission, […]

The false prophets of the population control lobby and their appalling track record

On 31 October when the world’s population reaches seven billion we will be subjected to a whole host of alarmist reports about impending disaster – through overcrowding, disease and environmental destruction – and the population control lobby, led by prominent journalists and media celebrities, will […]

Is seven billion people too many? More nonsense from the population control lobby

SPUC Director John Smeaton has drawn my attention to an article I missed in last weekend’s Observer titled ‘Beckhams a “bad example” for families’. Now you might wonder why the Beckhams are a bad example. Is it for calling their daughter ‘Harper Seven’? Or their […]