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New report shows close links between public health and private relationships

What do the following have to do with relationships? Cardiovascular disease, child poverty, alcohol/substance misuse, depression, and mental health, mortality rates, obesity/child obesity, children’s mental health/cognitive development and infant attachment. The answer is that all these are specific public health concerns and each one is […]

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It’s common sense, but the best studies usually are

A new five year study shows for the first time that changes in diet, exercise, stress management and social support results can significantly slow ageing. Researchers followed 35 men with early-stage prostate cancer for a five year period and found that certain changes to lifestyle […]


Global annual cost of tackling non-communicable diseases only 1% of UK Bank Bailout

The BBC has reported on the World Health Organization’s plan to tackle non-communicable diseases like heart disease, which it says now pose a greater global burden than infectious diseases.  The plan was published just after the conclusion of the UN General Assembly High Level Meeting […]

Making Poor Choices: are commercial concerns wrecking our health?

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, lung diseases, and strokes are the major causes of death and disability in the developed world. However such non-communicable diseases (NCDs) could also be the next big health issue to appear on the global agenda – but it’s proving hard to […]