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Francis Report shines revealing light on the NHS

When some ill-advised bloggers in the US attacked the British National Health Service in the summer of 2009, little could they have realised the fire-storm they would unleash as angry Brits fought back with the #WeLovetheNHS hash tag campaign. Some commentators have suggested that the […]

Nursing Initiative: More tinkering at the edges?

In the face of a growing and alarming number of reports on poor standards of care for vulnerable patients in the NHS and the community, the Prime Minister today has launched an initiative to try and tackle the problem in hospital nursing. This is after […]

Industrial Action: How should Christians in the NHS respond?

Many Christian nurses and allied health professionals have been asking me how they should act in the face of a mounting industrial dispute. Next Wednesday (30 November), around 100,000 health workers in the UK will join an estimated 2 million other public sector employees in […]

Practising compassion and justice

Having just got back from a two day conference in the Netherlands on researching and teaching spiritual care for nursing students, I was once again confronted on my return to our island shores by more stories about the failures of even the most basic care […]

Changing attitudes, changing hearts – reflections on the Care Quality Commission report

I know what it is to not to give elderly patients the time and care they deserve. On the ward round at the beginning of a busy day, isn’t it easier to stand at the end of the bed of the elderly patient who’s ‘waiting […]