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Medical Defence Union finally publishes full version of new guidance on praying for patients

I recently blogged about new guidance from the Medical Defence Union which endorses tactful prayer with patients. The full version of this new guidance is now available on the MDU website. It makes it clear that the guidance has been released as a result of the recent […]

A movement has an emotional heart

Is the NHS a philosophy, a movement or just an organisation? It has a philosophy – healthcare based on need rather than ability to pay, and certainly it has organisations, but does it have an emotional heart, the characteristic of a movement according to Seth […]


Human rights of the elderly once again being neglected

Today saw the publication of yet another in a series of damning reports on the failures of our care system. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has reported interim findings in a major survey of how care is being delivered to vulnerable people, and has […]

NHS reforms expose the British idolatry of our healthcare system

Nigel Lawson once famously said that the NHS is the nearest thing that the British have to a national religion. It is certainly been the case that any politician who seeks to tamper with it has done so at his or her peril.  After facing […]

New BBC Radio Four programme – Are we in for more bludgeoning of disabled people?

I’ve just been alerted to the fact that BBC Radio 4 is running another forty-minute ‘documentary’ on an end-of-life theme next Tuesday 21 June at 2000. ‘A Living Death’, is a review into the care of patients in vegetative or low awareness states’, which has […]