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Care Not Killing responds to the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill

Margo Macdonald MSP (pictured) today launched her new assisted suicide bill in Scotland. The Scottish government has said it does not support a change in the law and the British Medical Association (BMA) has in response reiterated its opposition to assisted suicide.  The bill comes […]

Battle lines form as new euthanasia battle looms in UK

  The pro-euthanasia lobby and sympathetic media outlets like the BBC are gearing up for a campaign aimed at legalising assisted suicide through British Parliaments both north and south of Hadrian’s Wall. Lord Falconer’s assisted suicide bill had its first reading in the House of Lords […]


Margo Macdonald’s flawed proposals on assisted suicide

Today is the last day to respond to Margo Macdonald’s consultation on assisted suicide. The MSP is planning to bring another bill to the Scottish Parliament in an attempt to legalise assisted suicide just over a year after her last similar bill was overwhelmingly defeated […]


Margo Macdonald dishes up the same confused euthanasia proposals again

Margo Macdonald today announced that she is going to try again to legalise assisted suicide and/or euthanasia (it’s not clear which) in Scotland, just over a year after her last spectacular failure. Ms MacDonald, Scotland’s only independent MSP, said in unveiling a new consultation on […]