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‘Selective reduction’ – a euphemism for deliberately killing one or more babies in an IVF pregnancy

Last week’s Life Site News ran a story titled ‘Five best and worst biotechnology developments of 2011 from a pro-life perspective’ which is well worth a read in its own right. The third worst development it mentions is that of ‘selective reduction’: ‘This year we […]

Some good news from Europe

The economic crisis in the Eurozone is dominating headlines, but it has not all been bad news from Europe.  Hidden in the media reporting from Europe at the end of last week was some encouraging news about an ECHR ruling that upholds a ban in […]

What is the true cost of IVF?

  For most people thinking about having IVF, the answer will be thousands of pounds. Some may also consider the cost to their physical health, the stress put on relationships caused by taking heavy doses of powerful hormonal drugs or the emotional roller-coaster of rising […]