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Christian doctors unite worldwide to challenge WMA on conscience rights

The International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) has called on the World Medical Association (WMA) to protect doctors’ conscience rights on abortion and euthanasia.   ICMDA, which unites national associations of doctors and dentists in over 80 countries, was responding to a move by […]


Training community health workers for the future of South Sudan

The work being done globally by Christian doctors, nurses and other health professionals seldom makes the headlines. Yet quietly but significantly, Christians are making a real contribution to global health needs. To recognise this contribution that our international umbrella body, the International Christian Medical and […]


How you can help grow Christian doctors worldwide

In July 2014 over 1,000 Christian doctors and medical students from over 60 countries will meet in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for the 15th WorldCongress of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA). Our aim is to help key students and junior doctors from resource-poor parts of […]