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155 animal-human embryos created in the UK – we think

An apparently straightforward question to government last week (20 July) generated an apparently straightforward reply. Lord Alton asked how many ‘cybrid’ embryos (cytoplasmic animal-human hybrid) have been generated with eggs from non-human species in total. The reply was: ‘The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) […]

Call for new regulatory body on human-animal hybrids ‘mere PR gambit’

I blogged yesterday about UK scientists calling on Parliament to create a regulatory body to approve experiments with animals using human tissue or DNA and gave seven reason why we should we wary of it. I see that Wesley Smith (pictured), of Second Hand Smoke, […]


Seven reasons to be wary of British scientists’ call for expert body to advise on animal-human hybrids

British scientists have said today that a new expert body should be formed to regulate experiments mixing animal and human DNA to make sure no medical or ethical boundaries are crossed. In a new report scientists at the Academy of Medical Sciences are claiming that […]