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Medical Defence Union finally publishes full version of new guidance on praying for patients

I recently blogged about new guidance from the Medical Defence Union which endorses tactful prayer with patients. The full version of this new guidance is now available on the MDU website. It makes it clear that the guidance has been released as a result of the recent […]

Hospitalised patients more satisfied when given chance to discuss faith and religion

Hospitalised patients who are able to talk about their religious and spiritual concerns are more satisfied with their care, but one-fifth are not given the chance to have these discussions, researchers in Chicago have found. The authors of the new study, published online on 1 […]

At a Given Moment – recognising worldview as part of a healthy diagnosis

CMF member Dr Graham McAll has worked as a general surgeon and inner city GP. In a timely new book, At A Given Moment, he uses personal anecdotes and reflections from around the world to show the value of understanding the patient’s worldview and spiritual […]

‘Doing God’ is good for your health

Practising Christian faith is good for your health. That’s the verdict of a new report which shows that the faithful live longer and remain healthier. At a time when the health service is facing financial cuts and government is seeking ways to enhance happiness, the […]