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Vaccines and politics – is it worth investing in global vaccination programmes?

Today in London the UK is hosting an international conference that aims to raise £2.3 billion ($3.7 billion) for vaccination programmes worldwide through the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI). David Cameron is co-chairing the event with Bill Gates, and has spoken passionately about […]

Telegraph highlights our comments on End of Life Charter not addressing religious beliefs

On returning from a trip to Canada, for the Third International Symposium on preventing assisted suicide and euthanasia, I see that the Daily Telegraph has picked up on my earlier criticism that the End of Life Charter doesn’t address religious beliefs’ In an article titled ‘Dying charter […]

Christian GP’s appeal challenges the very heart of government

I note that Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, the Christian GP dismissed as a Government drugs adviser for his views on homosexuality, has launched a legal bid to win his job back. As reported in the Daily Maillast week, Dr Raabe was removed from the Advisory Council for […]

Government fails in bid to keep statistics on late abortions secret

The Government has failed in a High Court bid to keep secret information on late abortions which it claimed might lead to the identification of individual women involved. A judge today upheld the Information Tribunal’s earlier decision to disclose ‘sensitive’ data from national statistics to the […]


Chinese baby girl cull backed by Britain – gender imbalance in China with British funding

Sex-selective abortions have led to severe gender imbalance in China, India and South Korea according to a new report published this week. Furthermore, as I argue below, the British government has contributed to this problem through its financial and ideological support for abortion abroad. In […]