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How should Christians respond to the transgender issue?

You might think that there are few things more self-evident than the fact that human beings are divided into two distinct types, male and female. Females have XX chromosomes, female hormones, breasts, ovaries, wombs and vaginas. Males have XY chromosomes, male hormones, testes and penises. […]


Offer of sex change drugs to nine year olds should make us question therapists’ ideological presuppositions

Children as young as nine are to be prescribed drugs which delay the onset of puberty as the first step towards a sex change operation (Mail on Sunday and Daily Telegraph). Doctors at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust said a trial of the […]


Doctors who won’t prescribe contraception to unmarried women or provide sex-change operations risk being struck off, says GMC

Doctors who refuse to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women or refuse to provide sex-change operations risk being struck off the medical register according to new draft guidance issued by their regulatory body. The new draft guidance from the General Medical Council, ‘Personal beliefs and medical […]


The GMC needs to explain why it is forcing doctors to provide sex change operations

The Mail on Sunday has today quoted my blog in a story titled ‘Doctors “forced to carry out sex-change ops” under rules meant to “marginalise Christian medics”’. The article picks up on comments I made last week about new draft guidance issued by the General […]

Sex selective abortion is devastating the health of women and girls

A UN report published yesterday (23 June) suggests that not only is sex selective abortion becoming a growing trend in many Asian countries, it is also having huge health and social consequences for women and girls. Sadly, this is not news. Over twenty years ago, […]