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Landmark High Court ruling maintains legal protection for vulnerable people

The Christian Medical Fellowship has welcomed a landmark ruling by a High Court Judge that a brain-damaged woman should not have her life ended. Known as ‘M’ the 52 year old is in what is known as a ‘Minimally Conscious State’, meaning that she does have […]

Archbishop of Wales right to raise organ donor concerns

  The Archbishop of Wales has been accused of being ‘unChristian’ for daring to criticise the Welsh government’s intention to bring in presumed consent for organ donation. The Welsh Government has repeatedly stated it wants to bring in legislation to introduce a so-called ‘soft opt-out’ […]

More brief euthanasia updates from around the world – some good, some bad

I have recently posted two blogs giving a round up of international euthanasia news, both of which have attracted a lot of interest and have been copied onto several other websites. Both are still steadily attracting new visitors and I get the impression that there […]

Assisted suicide is still suicide and has devastating effects on those left behind

The BBC2 documentary ‘Choosing to die’ was an attempt by the pro-euthanasia lobby, aided by the BBC, to romanticise and normalise suicide. After witnessing a man with motor neurone take his own life by drinking poison at the Dignitas facility, Terry Pratchett, fantasy novelist and patron […]


New ‘withdrawal of treatment’ case poses major threat to disabled people

BBC Radio 4’s File on Four programme earlier this week, ‘A Living Death’, featured four case histories of people with serious brain damage. They included Ian Wilson, an Aberdeen man in his 50s, who suffered a severe head injury in a road accident 21 years ago and […]