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A great video on depression and an insight from one of the world’s greatest preachers who suffered from it

‘The Black Dog’ was Winston Churchill’s famous name for depressed mood. I was sent today a link to a YouTube video on depression which I had not previously seen, but which deserves much wider viewing. ‘I had a black dog, his name was depression’ is […]


New report shows close links between public health and private relationships

What do the following have to do with relationships? Cardiovascular disease, child poverty, alcohol/substance misuse, depression, and mental health, mortality rates, obesity/child obesity, children’s mental health/cognitive development and infant attachment. The answer is that all these are specific public health concerns and each one is […]


Self-help books for depression – brilliant new tools for doctors, pastors and patients

A top health story on the BBC this last week has highlighted a new study showing that prescribing self-help books on the NHS is an effective treatment for depression. Patients offered books, plus sessions guiding them in how to use them, had lower levels of depression a […]


98% of abortions in Britain are technically illegal, and many will lead to mental health problems for women

One of the most comprehensive and systematic reviews to date into the link between abortion and mental health problems has confirmed that women who have an unplanned pregnancy are at an increased risk of experiencing mental health problems after an abortion. The Review also highlights […]

Abortion and mental health – strongest evidence yet of a link

With uncanny timing, in the light of a Parliamentary debate next week on pre-abortion counselling, the prestigious British Journal of Psychiatry has today published the findings of one of the largest studies of its kind on abortion, showing that almost 10% of all mental health […]