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Who Switched the Cutlery?

Miriam Brandon reflects on how God’s grace helps deal with paralysing perfectionist traits When you have scribbled down the start of a blog entry five times you know you may have a problem with perfectionism. I recently spent a week on a silent retreat; expected God […]


Christians should prepare for further job discrimination following today’s European Court ruling

Two British Christians who refused to act contrary to conscience have lost their legal battle at the European court of human rights in a move that demonstrates that ‘gay rights’ trump ‘conscience rights’ when the two conflict. Gary McFarlane and Lillian Ladele (pictured) had their appeals to the […]


The GMC’s new guidance on ‘Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice’ – how effectively does it address our concerns?

The General Medical Council published its new guidance on‘Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice’ (PBMP) earlier this week. This was one of ten supplementary documents accompanying its core Guidance ‘Good Medical Practice’ – all of which were released on the same day. Last year I outlined […]


New GMC Guidance on ‘Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice’ still gives scope for sensitive faith discussions within the consultation

Are doctors allowed to discuss their personal beliefs with patients or enquire about their patients’ beliefs? If so, in what circumstances? The General Medical Council’s long-awaited revised guidance on‘Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice’, published yesterday, attempts to answer these questions. It shows there is still […]


Christians: inherently generous?

New research shows that Christians are more generous than the general population when it comes to donation, but not just of money and time.  Christians, especially evangelicals, are also more generous when it comes to donation of their blood and organs. Previous research has shown […]