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Abortion and breast cancer: the link that dares not speak its name

As this is the last blog that I will write for CMF, I thought I’d write it on a topic that I believe is hugely important and highly controversial but one where findings are hidden and suppressed. Patrick Carrol, in an article in the Journal […]


More evidence of a possible link between abortion and breast cancer

The authors of a newly published research paper on the genetic regulation of breast cancer formation have made a surprising admission. It is hidden away in an interview the authors gave about their findings, where they state, almost in passing, that: ‘…there is an increased […]


Abortion and breast cancer: just scaremongering or could there be a link?

A new report by Education for Choice (EfC) on pregnancy counselling states that: ‘linking abortion to breast cancer and ‘post-abortion stress’ is ‘medical misinformation’. It also states that: ‘Cancer Research UK has confirmed that abortion does not increase the chance of developing breast cancer. Despite […]

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New study adds further fuel to debate about link between induced abortion and breast cancer

Is there a link between induced abortion and breast cancer? Any such link has been hotly denied by official bodies but a new study has added further fuel to this ongoing controversy. The Bangladesh study published in the Journal of Dhaka Medical College on risk factors for […]