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BMJ gives platform for abortion activists to dismiss evidence of adverse effects of abortion on women

The BMJ published a controversial article on abortion in early January, authored by employees of abortion providers, claiming that medical and surgical abortions are not associated with long-term psychological or physical sequelae and offering no hint of any ethical concerns with abortion. It is frustrating […]


Why is the BMJ editor making a case for the BMA neutrality on ‘assisted dying’?

The British Medical Journal this week published three articles aimed at neutralising medical opposition to euthanasia. There was nothing surprising about this. The BMJ’s record of editorial bias on euthanasia and assisted suicide has been noted before and the deputy editor Tony Delamothe, who has […]


British Medical Journal adopts campaigning stance on euthanasia

The British Medical Journal this week contains three articles aimed at neutralising medical opposition to euthanasia. The BMJ, which remains editorially independent from the British Medical Association, but is sent to all members, has a long track record of backing liberal causes, amongst them the […]


BMJ publishes Secular Medical Forum ‘advertorial’

On 30 November the British Medical Journal published an article by Colin Brewer, ‘a director of the Secular Medical Forum’ , titled ‘Secularism needs a distinctive medical voice’. The 900 word one page article, which appeared in the BMJ’s ‘personal view’ column, and claimed to […]


BMJ features CMF after playing a role in its inception over sixty years ago

I see that the British Medical Journal this week has featured the Christian Medical Fellowship in its ‘lobby watch’ column. Apparently CMF is a lobby group. The article mainly focuses on the case of Richard Scott, a Christian doctor who is awaiting a hearing with […]