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Tweeting the whole person – social networking for doctors

Pictured lying on resuscitation trolleys, ward floors and a helipad, seven A&E staff were suspended in 2009 from the Great Western Hospital in Swindon. It was alleged they were playing the ‘lying down game’ during a nightshift. How did they get caught? By posting photos […]

Should christian doctors and nurses strike?

Over the last few days, health unions have been meeting to decide whether they will begin preparations for coordinated industrial action over the autumn and winter in response to the government’s proposals on NHS staff pensions. The BMA, RCN, UNISON, Managers in Partnership Unite and GMB […]

Video debate from the BMA on the Falconer Commission

The video below includes coverage of the full day’s business on Thursday’s Annual Representative Meeting of the British Medical Association. Dr Mark Pickering (Yorkshire Regional Councuil) speaks for ARM Motion 305 (from the time mark 1:56) and Wendy Savage speaks against (from time mark 2:01). […]

British Medical Association undermines credibility of Falconer Commission on Assisted Dying

The British Medical Association, representing 140,000 British doctors, has this morning questioned the stated impartiality and independence of Lord Falconer’s Commission on Assisted Dying, supported the BMA leadership’s stance in not giving evidence to it and called on the British Medical Journal Editorial team to […]


BMA still not listening on late abortion

On Tuesday 28 June the British Medical Association annual representative meeting voted against a motion which sought to provide legal protection for babies at the threshold of viability by a two to one majority. The motion, proposed by John O’Driscoll of the Worcestershire division, read as […]