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Open letter to the BBC regarding inaccurate and unethical reporting on Bell vs. Tavistock

This letter originally signed by 15 doctors (including myself) and psychologists was sent to the Director General of the BBC just before Christmas. The letter has been made public although not all original signatories were able to make their names public for fear of reprisal. […]


Emmerdale injects some reality into its depiction of the sequelae of assisted suicide

I am not an Emmerdale fan but I was interested to see the way the Soap is developing the story following the assisted suicide of a character with spinal injury. As I blogged previouslythe number of people with spinal cord injuries wanting to kill themselves is […]

Assisted suicide is still suicide and has devastating effects on those left behind

The BBC2 documentary ‘Choosing to die’ was an attempt by the pro-euthanasia lobby, aided by the BBC, to romanticise and normalise suicide. After witnessing a man with motor neurone take his own life by drinking poison at the Dignitas facility, Terry Pratchett, fantasy novelist and patron […]


New ‘withdrawal of treatment’ case poses major threat to disabled people

BBC Radio 4’s File on Four programme earlier this week, ‘A Living Death’, featured four case histories of people with serious brain damage. They included Ian Wilson, an Aberdeen man in his 50s, who suffered a severe head injury in a road accident 21 years ago and […]