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New advances in embryo testing may result in higher success rates for IVF but at what cost?

Two new embryo screening tests have been recently developed that researchers believe will increase success rates for women having a health baby after IVF treatment. At present only about 30% of women under 35 have a baby following IVF and this percentage drops with age […]


New report claims that junior doctors’ training ‘puts patients at risk’ but will the government be prepared to pay for the real solution required?

A new report, Foundation for Excellence, this week has claimed that patients are being put at ‘unnecessary risk’ because inexperienced junior doctors are being ‘thrown in at the deep end’. The 128-page report, led by Professor John Collins of Oxford University (interestingly one of my […]


NICE and GP consortia. What criteria should we use in deciding how to distribute scarce medical resources? Some help from St Paul.

The government’s drug rationing body, NICE, is to lose its power to turn down new medicines for use in the NHS, but will continue to write guidelines for doctors on the best treatments for their patients. In addition, the current limit on the cost of […]


UK retailers are not being honest about the mode of action of new morning-after-pill ellaOne (ulipristal acetate)

Earlier this week the news broke that a new ‘morning-after pill’ was being sold online in Britain by a London-based company called HealthExpress. In fact ellaOne (Ulipristal acetate) has been available on prescription in the UK since May 2009. It was granted marketing authorisation by […]


Powerful arguments advanced in UK parliament for a change in the law to ensure properly informed consent for abortion

Last night Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, spoke in an adjournment debate on the subject of informed consent for termination of pregnancy. Adjournment debates allow the House of Commons to hold a general open-ended debate on a subject or a government policy without […]