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Altering the Body: the rise and rise of cosmetic surgery

This week the 90 second daily programme on ethical topics tackles cosmetic surgery, under the headline ‘is it right to alter the body?’ It seems that many are answering ‘yes’ to this. In 2006 nearly £500 million was spent in Britain on nips, tucks […]

Bringing life to the government’s sexual health debate

The charity Life has been included on a new government sexual health forum – amidst an outcry of protest. It’s a predictable reaction – but sadly misguided. Life supports vulnerable pregnant women, focussing on crisis pregnancy counselling, education, practical provision (like free baby clothes), and […]


How could anyone object to teaching schoolgirls to say ‘no to sex’?

MPs have voted 67-61 in favour of a bill introduced by Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, which wants schools to ensure that sex education for girls includes ‘information and advice on the benefits of abstinence from sexual activity’. The ten minute rule bill proceeds to a […]

The health risks of obesity – a challenge to Christians

Having just returned from a Christian medical conference where large (especially male) abdomens were very much in evidence I was interested to see that the two lead stories on the BBC health pages this morning deal with the health consequences of obesity. The first story, […]

The mayonnaise jar and the coffee - a useful illustration if your life feels over-full

The mayonnaise jar and the coffee – a useful illustration if your life feels over-full

I used one version of this time-honoured illustration when speaking at the NCMDA Conference in Abuja, Nigeria this week – and then found someone quite independently had emailed me another version of it whilst I was away. Well I guess we can’t get too much […]